When is payment due? Do I have to pay a deposit?

Payment in full is required at the time of delivery - We accept cash or check on site. No deposit is required.

CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS: If your preferred payment method is a credit card, please let us know and we will send you an invoice that can be paid online prior to your rental date. We gladly accept credit card payments, we just currently do not accept credit card payments on site. 

Do you deliver? Is there a delivery charge?

Freedom Party Rentals offers free delivery to all locations inside our primary service area of Henderson and Van Zandt counties. Rentals requiring delivery outside of our primary service area might be subject to a $50.00 delivery fee. If renting multiple units outside of our service area, your delivery fee might be waived. If you are concerned about a delivery fee, please call us to discuss. 

How long is the rental for?

The prices displayed on our website are for same day delivery and pickup of our units. We deliver the morning of your event, and pickup that afternoon/evening. If you are interested in an overnight or weekend rental, please contact us to discuss. 

Can I pick the equipment up from you and set it up myself?

 No. All equipment offered by Freedom Party Rentals is professional-grade and manufactured from heavy duty materials.  To ensure that our equipment is always set up and stored in a manner that ensures lasting quality as well as the safety of our customers, Freedom Party Rentals professionally sets up and tears down every piece of equipment we rent out. There are no exceptions to this policy.

What kind of power source do I need for the blowers? Do you rent generators?

Our blowers require a 110 volt outlet - the same kind of outlet you would use for a common household appliance such as a hair dryer or a cell phone charger. Freedom Party Rentals requires that you provide one dedicated power outlet for each blower that your unit requires. All of our standard bounce houses only require one blower, but some of our larger units require 2-4 blowers. So, if your rental requires two blowers, you must have two separate outlets (not plugs) to accommodate the two blowers. We will not plug more than one blower into an outlet - no, not even if a plug is still available. This is the safest way we have found to operate the blowers in order to prevent electrical failure, tripped breakers, and/or in the worst case, electrical fires. If you are concerened about your power source, or your event is going to be held at a location that does not have electricity (such as a park), we do rent generators for an additional $50.00 rental fee per generator. As stated in our rental contract, Freedom Party Rentals is not responsible for any damages that occur as a result of an electrical issue with one of our blowers. 

I heard silly string can damage inflatables - Is that really true?

Yes. The chemicals found in silly string are very damaging to the material that inflatables are made out of, and for that reason, the use of silly string near any of our inflatables is strictly prohibited. Any evidence of silly string in, on, or around the inflatable will be cause for additional charges to be assessed up to the full replacement cost of the inflatable.