Rental Contract Documents

As much as we like to have fun, we take the safety of our customers very seriously at Freedom Party Rentals. 

As a result, each customer is required to complete a Rental Agreement and acknowledge and agree to our Safety Rules and Regulations at the time of delivery.  If you wish to speed up your delivery process, feel free to download the documents below and review them prior to your scheduled delivery date. 

Official documents are signed at the time of delivery. 


At Freedom Party Rentals, we take great pride in being an active and giving part of our local community. 

If you are interested in having us sponsor a local event, please download the attached "Sponsorship Request Form" below and submit it to us per the instructions provided on the form. 

Please understand that due to the nature of our business, a lot of personal time, man power, fuel, and many other expenses come in to play when making considerations for donations.  Sponsorships are given on a first come, first serve basis and are only awarded to a limit amount of non-profits each year. While it truly breaks our heart not to be able to serve every cause and/or occasion, sponsorships are given on a basis of  several determining factors such as but not limited to: date of event, location of event, availability of requested inflatable(s) and the nature of the request. 

Thank you for considering Freedom Party Rentals as a sponsor!